Shota Hashimoto / Japan Certified National Board of Psychologist


Shota Hashimoto

Shota Hashimoto.Japan Certified National Board of Psychologist.

Fukushima native Shota Hashimoto is a Psychologist and a specialist in Music Therapy.
Shota Hashimoto graduated from Saitama University with a Bachelors of Arts in Music Education and a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Shota Hashimoto is a licensed teacher for primary and He is also licensed to teach handicap students and those with special needs.

Shota Hashimoto’s Piano Reiki Method attunes his listeners to increase the inward flow of KI and strengthens the body’s positive energy through the melody of the piano pieces that he wrote. Through his many piano compositions, his listeners is able to find tranquility and a peace of mind.

Shota Hashimoto has published eight books, four of which are with an accompanying Piano Reiki Method CD. He has also published five sheet music book and three self help books.Several of Shota Hashimoto’s books were published by Kadokawa Corporation.

Shota Hashimoto is constantly exploring other activities based on KI methodology through the practice of martial arts, healing therapy and various alternative treatment methods.



List of Shota Hashimoto’s publications. 

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Shota Hashimoto’s work has been highly acclaimed for his unique Reiki Healing method through Piano Reiki.

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