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About Shota Hashimoto


Shota Hashimoto

Graduated from National University of Saitama with a BA in Music Education and a MA in Clinical Psychology.    

Healing Artist
Psychology Counselor

Born in Fukushima


Certified and licensed teacher for primary and secondary school.  Also certified and licensed teacher for special aid and handicap students. 
Educated in music therapy, dream analysis, PTSD, and counseling techniques.

Has established a Japan Reiki Awareness Circle, and currently holds counseling sessions as a “KI” Therapist Counselor.  Previous to that, had performed some academic work teaching music at a Tokyo Private High School. 

Shota Hashimoto

Shota Hashimoto’s work has been highly acclaimed for his unique Reiki Healing method through Piano Reiki. 

Shota Hashimoto
Shota Hashimoto’s unique method is based on performing Reiki Healing by composing, songwriting, singing, and playing the piano himself. 

Piano Reiki is defined by its healing effects simply listening to the piano melody, which carries the “KI”, increasing the flow and strengthening the positive energy.  

Currently, there are six publishing titles, each with an accompanying CD; in addition to a reiki sheet music book. and three publishing titles Phycology book for self help also.
shota hashimoto shota hashimoto KADOKAWA shota hashimoto
 Chinese translation version 
弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ 弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ 弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ shota hasimoto
Music Seats
Dream music factory
shota hashimoto shota hashimoto Sougou Hourei
shota hashimoto Sunmark

shota hashimoto

In addition, there are various other activities based on “KI” methodology in which are being explored, such as in martial arts, in healing therapy, and in alternative treatment methods.

(left) Picture from “KI” energy training under a waterfall
(Shota Hashimoto in the center)


Download music from here


Below is a video of Shota Hashimoto performing Piano Reiki. 

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Shota Hashimoto